base is honesty and individuality.
tantamount to the survival of the nothingness.
we will not speak for anyone else, not withstanding the itch begging.
what does it take? everything that we have, perhaps nothing at all.
continually evolving, comparatively falling, backing ourselves into a corner for the thousandth time.
and still we see the sun rise.
we again feel the hot breath of promise on our neck.
we are as everyone, and yet we are alone.
we ride the bus, we talk of feelings to the air. we hope you are watching, but if that seems strange, consider our position.
we wish for the best, which is nothing, yet everything.
we cry and laugh and sing and dance, a folly and an exercise for which there is no end.

so now we pray.

for this is all that it has come down to.
there are no more hopes or dreams in the end. there is just us and all that fails to control our destiny.
to climb is to reach for great heights, that which do not exist.
we are all wondering, now is the time? now do we exist?
meaning in itself drives us, that which is known to be true.
and we know this as well as anyone.

peace now.

peace and the knowledge of what lies ahead.
looking at the midnight sky without gnawing, without insolvency to creation, for we are creation.
we have listened and made our notes.
we have scribbled them on walls and the backs of napkins, scraping our souls clean.
do we have enough to say?
we have been quiet for so long.
we are afraid.
we squeak and peep and once in a great while cough something up, but this, this could be different.
we understand and what we do is accept.
for our part, we promise not to hold back, not to give up, never to give in.
knowing us, you know that this is all we have and all we can offer.
this is everything.

naivety, possibility, fury, peace...
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