an art project based in music


The Christina Finelli Recovery Project is:

Naivety Daisy - drums, percussion
Possibility Daisy - bass guitar, keyboards, vocals
Fury Daisy - electric guitars, keyboards, vocals
Peace Daisy - acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
Jonny Dirge - acoustic and electric guitars, vocals


a little history...

the band members first met in 1994.
in between years of drinking and sleeping, they wrote a bunch of songs.
one day in 2000, they headed north with Big Mike and spontaneously recorded them direct to 8-track in various abandoned rooms of the Vermont State Psychiatric Hospital.

(fun fact: the Hospital is now closed)

that record, the first record, the initial profane rage and fury is appropriately entitled Solitary.


after 10 more years of pretty much the same routine of drinking and sleeping, the year is 2010.
the band members once again find themselves together with a bunch of new songs.
since the Hospital is closed (and the 8-track is long gone, the owner having sold iit and then precipitously dropping dead of a heroin overdose), the band decides to head out to sunny San Francisco and record the new songs at Tiny Telephone, primarily for the opportunity to eat burritos at El Matate and drink coffee with Ian Pellicci and John Vanderslice.

this record, the new record, the thoughtful and measured counterpoint to Solitary is entitled Lowest Common Denominator.

thank you.
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